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Harrison St


Multi Residential


Brunswick East


Woven in amongst an existing heritage home on a generous allotment, Harrison sees a collective of townhouse residences come together through a common lens. Celebrating the existing landscape and ensuring it became a key part of the coming chapter, the proposal introduces a medium density assortment of homes, interlocked across the site. The calculated stepped nature of the form creates both interest and a sense of curiosity, while reducing the overall perception of scale. Inwardly focussed, the homes border the site opening at the centre to create a shared landscaped space, for communal use.

Across the site a deliberate integration of the natural and the built forms creates a sense of identity and point of difference, departing from a more traditional model of residential segregation. From first engagement, pathways weave through the curated landscape setting as a reminder of place and of the history of the site, while Juliette balconies allow key spaces within the homes to be fully opened to capture ventilation and position residents amongst the tree canopies. With a 7-star energy rating, a muted and natural palette carries inward, with an emphasis on light. Internal courtyards then continue the initial connection to the landscape, integrating them as key identifiers of the experience of each of the homes.

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