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Westgarth Street Apartments


Multi Residential





As a sensitive insertion, Westgarth references the existing layered built fabric it is immersed within as inspiration for the stepped and rhythmic addition to the streetscape. Although new, the proposal is intentioned to feel like it has always existed in place, with the upper levels held back from the façade to create an impression of reduced density from approach. Underpinning the approach is a sustainable heart, which drives the integrated systems, material selection and the openness of the spaces to the elements, ensuring its 8-star energy rating certification is well earned. Echoing a lofted feel internally, exposed ceilings connect back to the unique character of nearby Fitzroy, while increasing and optimising the internal volumes.

As a connection to Melbourne city, a series of open laneways unite the apartments, allowing a natural flow of air and light while also animating the spaces as public domain. An open-air central corridor becomes the breathing lung of the building, allowing each home access to natural cross ventilation and increased light. Despite the overall size, careful articulation of the materiality and openings ensure the scale feels decreased and appropriately placed amongst the existing buildings. Set within an area of rich architectural and industrial history, the use of locally sourced bricks ensures a similar tonality wraps the building, adding to an already layered past with respect.

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